India is a significant player in the global real estate market. Due to increasing urbanization, it has become a hub for high-profile NRIs (Non-Resident Indians) exploring diverse investment options in residential/commercial properties. This ensures attractive return on investment (ROI) possibilities....Moreover, we understand NRIs' unique needs and challenges in buying property in India. That's why we have made the process more accessible and transparent. Multiple checks are in place to protect residential and commercial property buyers from abroad, ensuring that your interests are safeguarded at every level. We are here to guide you through this journey, making sure you feel at ease and comfortable with the investment process.
Rise Infra International, the preferred choice of NRI property buyers is a fast-growing real estate organization. We have established a strong presence in the Indian real estate market, especially in the residential sector, bringing happiness to over 10,000 families. Our track record speaks for itself and inspires confidence in our customers. Our commitment to personalized service and in-depth local real estate market knowledge sets us apart.

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At Rise Infra International, we offer a comprehensive range of residential and commercial properties in various locations in India. Our famous locations are where you find ideal real estate projects, each carefully selected for its potential for high returns and long-term value appreciation.

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Rapidly expanding real estate consultancy firm Rise Infra International has made its mark in the North Indian real estate market. With a strong presence in the real estate sector, we have brought happiness to over 10,000 families, many of whom are successful NRI investors. We are proud of the deep foundation of trust we have built with our NRI clients, which is a key factor for our continued growth and dedication. Our dedicated sales team, available 24/7, is always ready to serve our NRI clients, providing timely and accurate information, addressing queries and concerns and ensuring a smooth and hassle-free investment process.

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Who is a Non-Resident Indian(NRI)?

A Non-Resident Indian (NRI) is an Indian citizen who resides outside India for employment, business, education, or any other reason indicating an indefinite stay abroad. Individuals who have stayed in India for less than 182 days during a financial year are also considered NRIs for taxation purposes. NRIs retain Indian citizenship and often maintain strong ties to their home country, including investments, property ownership, and familial connections.

Can NRIs buy property in India?

Yes, NRIs are allowed to purchase property in India, both residential and commercial, under the Foreign Exchange Management Act (FEMA) regulations.

Can NRIs invest in real estate in India?

Yes, NRIs can invest in real estate in India. They can purchase residential and commercial properties under the Foreign Exchange Management Act (FEMA) guidelines.

Is it a good idea for NRI to buy property in India?

Yes, it is a good idea for NRIs to buy property in India because they earn considerable passive income through rentals. Apart from this, they can also settle in India if they wish. The property market in India is showing a better growth path; hence, this is the best time for NRI investment.

What is the process for NRIs to buy property in India?

NRIs can purchase property in India through a straightforward process involving documentation and adherence to FEMA guidelines. They can make payments through inward remittance or NRE/NRO accounts.

Is there any limit on the no. of real estate properties an NRI can purchase?

No, NRIs can purchase an unlimited number of properties in India. However, they should ensure compliance with FEMA regulations and local laws.

What taxes apply to NRIs on property investment in India?

NRIs are subject to taxes such as stamp duty, registration charges, and income tax on rental income or capital gains, similar to resident Indians.

What are the key factors before investing in Indian real estate as an NRI?

Factors to consider include location, property type, legal due diligence, potential rental income or resale value, local regulations and taxation implications.