Countries Offering Citizenship By Investment

In an interconnected world where borders are becoming more eligible for entry, the concept of citizenship is evolving. Traditionally, citizenship was acquired by birth, marriage, or naturalization. This process involves residing in a country for a specified period. However, a new path has emerged recently - Citizenship by Investment (CBI). Several countries now offer Citizenship by Investment (CBI) programs. This trend has continued to gain popularity over the years as nations seek to attract foreign capital and talent. In 2024, citizenship by investment (CBI) through real estate has become a viable option for those seeking a second passport. Besides, Citizenship by Investment also provides other privileges to foreign nationals who invest.


People are finding the concept of additional citizenship attractive. Particularly in times of crisis and uncertainty. Where a second citizenship and passport can prove invaluable. Central to these interests is citizenship by investment, a proposal that governments worldwide have included in their immigration frameworks as a reward for exceptional services to the nation.


Many countries operate their versions of citizenship-by-investment programs. In which investors are granted citizenship in exchange for significant contributions to social progress, cultural development, or economic development. Some of these citizenship-by-investment programs offer a direct path to citizenship. In comparison, other candidates undergo the naturalization process before applying for citizenship.


In this blog, you will learn everything you need about the countries currently offering citizenship through real estate investment in 2024. Also, learn the benefits of applying for them and the nations that offer them.


What is Citizenship By Investment?

A citizen is an active member of a political and social community. Citizenship by Investment (CBI) is a legal process that allows individuals to obtain citizenship or a second passport in a foreign country by making a substantial financial investment. Furthermore, a nation provides certain rights and privileges to its citizens.


Many countries have launched citizenship-by-investment programs to attract foreign direct investment. It promotes economic growth and creates additional revenue sources. By successfully applying for the citizenship program, investors acquire new citizenship with access to the benefits, privileges, and rights of citizenship in another country.


The primary idea behind citizenship by investment is that individuals can make qualified investments in the host country. It contributes to its economy and, in return, is granted citizenship. Investment options can vary widely and can include investments in real estate properties and assets in government-approved projects.


However, Second Citizenship refers to the legal status that grants individuals the right to be members of two countries. The advantages include a second passport, which in most cases provides increased global mobility through additional visa-free travel to governments worldwide. Other benefits gained through acquiring dual citizenship. Like expanded business opportunities and enhanced quality-of-life asset protection. Besides, access to social services such as healthcare and education.


Benefits of Citizenship by Investment:

Here are the benefits of citizenship by real estate investment.


Global mobility with visa-free travel: One of the primary benefits of CBI programs is the ability to enjoy visa-free or visa-on-arrival access to different countries. This increased global mobility is especially valuable for business professionals and frequent travellers. Besides, those seeking greater flexibility.


Economic Opportunities: Citizenship by Investment allows individuals to tap into the host country's new financial markets and investment opportunities. This can be especially true for business expansion and wealth diversification.


Lifestyle Upgrade: Acquiring citizenship in a new country often enhances the quality of life. It includes access to better infrastructure, cultural experiences, and a favourable living environment.


Educational Opportunities: Many countries with CBI programs offer world-class education systems. This makes them attractive to families seeking better educational opportunities for their children.


Healthcare benefits: In some countries, access to advanced healthcare facilities. It is a benefit often associated with obtaining citizenship through investment.


Wealth diversification: Obtaining citizenship in a different country allows individuals to diversify their assets and investments globally. It reduces risk and provides excellent financial stability.


Tax Benefits: Some countries with CBI programs offer favourable tax regimes. It allows individuals to optimize their tax planning strategies and reduce their tax burden.


Investment Options For Citizenship By Investment

The appeal of immigrant investor programs that offer citizenship is undeniable. Its benefits lead to employment generation through simple direct investment and investment opportunities such as real estate.


Through the Second Citizenship by Investment scheme, you can avoid traditional immigration processes such as naturalization. Additionally, instead of investing a lump sum into the country's economy, you get a second passport in as little as two months.


Investment options vary from country to country, but common investment routes include:

  • Bank deposit in a national bank
  • Real estate investments in residential property, government-approved real estate projects, or commercial real estate
  • Joint investment in new or existing ventures, real estate, or infrastructure projects
  • Job creation and employment projects for residents and citizens
  • Purchase of Government Bonds and Securities
  • Donating to a development fund such as the Sustainable Development Fund or the Economic Diversification Fund


The Best Countries Offering Citizenship By Investment

The number of citizenships by investment countries is increasing. So, here is a list of the best countries that offer you citizenship through real estate investment programs.


Antigua and Barbuda

Antigua and Barbuda's Citizenship by Investment program offers a pathway to citizenship for investors making qualifying contributions, including real estate investments. The program provides flexibility, allowing individuals to choose from various investment options to meet their needs.


Real estate investment in Antigua and Barbuda involves purchasing property in approved developments. To qualify for citizenship in Antigua and Barbuda through real estate, investors must invest at least $200,000 in government-approved projects.


Moreover, Investors can help Antiguans obtain a second passport through the donation investment route by contributing $100,000 to the Antigua and Barbuda National Development Fund (NDF).


Main benefits of Antigua and Barbuda Citizenship by Investment Program:

  • Low initial investment amount of $100,000
  • Second highest-ranking passport among CBI programs offering Caribbean passports
  • Visa-free travel privileges to 150 countries around the world
  • Many investment options, including donations to the West Indies University Fund
  • The most affordable citizenship program for a family of four, with a total investment of approximately $152,000, including passport fee



Dominica is a Caribbean Island and has pioneered citizenship in the investment industry. The country's Citizenship by Investment Program (CIP) allows investors to obtain Dominican citizenship by making a qualifying real estate investment. In 2024, Dominica remains an attractive option due to its affordable investment threshold and straightforward application process.


To qualify for citizenship in Dominica through real estate, investors must invest at least $200,000 in government-approved projects. These projects include luxury resorts, eco-friendly developments, and high-rise residential properties. Additionally, applicants must undergo a thorough due diligence process to ensure the legitimacy of their funds.


Moreover, Like Antigua and Barbuda, investment limits start at $100,000 through contributions to the country's Economic Diversification Fund (EDF).


Main benefits of Dominica Citizenship by Investment Program:

  • The $100,000 donation to the country's Economic Diversification Fund means it offers the cheapest total investment, including government fees, for single CBI applicants.
  • The lowest qualifying investment in real estate property approved by the government of CBI countries, with a minimum investment amount of $200,000
  • Lowest cost per square meter for real estate across all five Caribbean CBI countries
  • When investing in real estate, no additional investment is required to include up to six family members.
  • There is no residence requirement or need to visit the country or attend an interview to obtain a second passport.



Turkey has adopted the concept of citizenship by investment through its Turkish Citizenship by Investment Programme. This program allows investors to acquire Turkish citizenship by investing in real estate or other eligible sectors.


To be eligible, investors must meet financial criteria, which include a minimum real estate investment. The property purchased must be held for a specific period, and applicants must maintain their property during this period. Turkish citizenship grants individuals access to a dynamic economy and strategic location linking Europe and Asia.


Additionally, starting a business by purchasing at least $400,000 is a viable path to Turkish citizenship and real estate investment.


The main benefits of the Turkish Citizenship by Investment Program:

  • There is no requirement to invest in government-approved real estate projects for real estate investment.
  • One of the CBI countries offering a pathway to settle in the USA through the US E2 visa program
  • The cost of living is lowest among all the countries providing investment citizenship programs
  • Access to highly skilled and affordable labour, and strategically located between Europe and Asia
  • The only CBI country among the world's top 20 economies by GDP



Grenada, located in the Caribbean, offers a Citizenship by Investment Program that allows investors to acquire citizenship through real estate investment. The Grenada Citizenship by Investment Program (GCIP) is known for its efficiency and flexibility, making it an attractive option for investors in 2024.


To qualify for citizenship in Grenada through real estate, investors must make a minimum investment of $220,000 in government-approved projects to obtain a Grenada passport. These projects often include high-end resorts, boutique hotels, or residential developments. The real estate investment must be held for at least four years.


Main benefits of Grenada Citizenship by Investment Programme:

  • The only Caribbean country offering foreign investors the opportunity to settle in the United States through the US E2 visa program.
  • Exclude immediate family, dependent parents or siblings from a single qualified property investment.
  • Located outside the hurricane belt, the country has recorded only four hurricanes, making it the least vulnerable to hurricanes of all the Caribbean countries offering citizenship by investment programs.
  • Visa-free access to 146 countries, including China and Russia



The concept of obtaining citizenship through real estate investment has become global, with many countries offering attractive programs to attract foreign investors. Whether in Europe, the Caribbean, or elsewhere, these programs allow individuals to diversify their citizenship portfolio. It also gains access to new markets and takes advantage of international mobility.


By 2024, the countries mentioned above remain at the forefront of citizenship-by-investment programs. Additionally, consulting with legal experts in citizenship-by-investment can ensure a smooth and successful application process. Hence, Rise Infra International is here for you.


How can Rise Infra International help you?

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